Hollow Cheek Syndrome

What is causes Hollow Cheek Syndrome?
Deep depressions or hollowness in the cheeks may occur in the face due to the drooping of tissues from age, disease or as an effect of some medical conditions. Lipodystrophy which may develop in HIV positive patients from taking antiretroviral medications is the most common cause of severe Hollow Cheek Syndrome.

What is involved in treatment?
Deep fillers can be used to replace lost volume in the cheeks. Filling agents are placed in the deeper layers of the skin or near the surface of underlying bone to plump up a broad expanse of tissue. This will then lift the surface of the overlying skin and create fuller cheeks.

When will I see the results?
Deep Fillers will create an immediate effect after treatment.

Are there any after effects?
Bruising is more common with these deeper injections than other treatments designed to treat facial lines and wrinkles.


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