Cellulite treatment

Lots of women are affected by cellulite. This condition can be disfiguring and affects an individual’s overall sense of well being.

Cellulite treatments

– ProSlimelt, Mesolift Mesotherapy and subcision.

What is Cellulite?
Cellulite is the dimpling skin that looks like orange peel. It is an accumulation of fat, fluid trapped into a hardened network of elastin and collagen fibres in the deeper levels of your skin. While harmless, the dimpled appearance is a cause of concern for many people.

What causes Cellulite?
The main causes of Cellulite are;

  • Poor circulation
  • Defective connective tissue
  • Enlarged fat cells
  • Poor diet and nutrition habits
  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise
  • Hereditary factors


What areas of the body can be treated for Cellulite?
Areas of the body which may be treated for Cellulite include;

  • Legs
  • Buttocks
  • Love Handles
  • Chins
  • Necks
  • Arms


What is Mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy is the practice of using microinjections of conventional or homeopathic medication and / or vitamins into the mesoderm or middle layer of skin to deliver healing or corrective treatment to a specific area of the body. Mesotherapy has been touted as the latest breakthrough for body sculpting, cellulite reduction and skin rejuvenation. Why? Because it works!

What are the benefits of Mesotherapy?

  • Improved blood flow to the area
  • Dissolving excess fat deposits
  • Removing fibrotic, hardened connective tissue
  • Improved lymphatic drainage


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction for the treatment of cellulite, weight loss and body sculpting. The procedure has also proven effective for facial and neck rejuvenation, and as a treatment for certain types of hair loss. By injecting the correct medication into a localized area a small amount of medication is needed. Fat is lost through the process of lipolysis and normal elimination occurs.

Mesotherapy is the ultimate fat burning enhancer and will dramatically increase the results of overall weight loss and spot weight reduction when accompanied by a reasonable exercise and a minimal diet program. If you would like more information about this treatment, please call the clinic on 02 9477 1661 and make an appointment.

Other treatments for Cellulite: Skin needling, Injection of Lipodissolve & Proslimelt Ultrasound Waves.


At Hornsby Cosmetic Clinic we treat cellulite with different procedures.