Anti-wrinkle Treatment

Most of the changes attributed to ageing are, in fact, secondary to sun damage. The sun damages delicate collagen fibres, thus destroying the major support structure of the skin. This results in wrinkles, loose skin and age spots.

Botox before & after

Muscle Relaxing Injections – Before & After


Anti-Wrinkle Treatments include:

  • Injection of Muscle Relaxing Toxins
  • Laser Resurfacing
  • Dermal Fillers

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Muscle Relaxing Toxins

There are a number of individual treatment options available for dynamic wrinkles or expression lines caused by frowning or smiling. These wrinkles, such as frown lines and crow’s feet, are best treated with the Muscle Relaxing Toxins.

While Muscle Relaxing Toxins can improve the appearance of static lines, wrinkles that appear when muscles are at rest, are best treated using Dermal Fillers.

Muscle Relaxing Toxins is one of the safest and most effective treatments in Cosmetic Medicine today. Although it is related to the toxin that causes Botulism, it is given in an extremely diluted form. It is also treated, purified, sterilised and then put through a washing process to eliminate any harmful side effects

botox 3 before

Muscle Relaxing Injections – Before & After


How is it performed?

Getting muscle relaxing injections only takes a few minutes and no anaesthesia is required. It is injected with a fine needle into specific muscles with only minor discomfort.

The weakening effect on the muscles starts to work over the first three days with optimal results seen after 1-2 weeks.

How long will it last?

The effects normally last for between 4-6 months. As the muscle action slowly begins to return the lines and wrinkles begin to appear again and will need to be retreated. Lines and wrinkles should become less severe with time as the muscles are being trained to relax.

Botox 1 Before & After

Muscle Relaxing Injections – Before & After


Muscle Relaxing Toxins Post-Treatment Advice

After Muscle Relaxing Toxin is placed into the targeted muscles, the weakening effect gradually begins over 3 days, and is not complete for 1 week. Optimal results may not be seen for 2 weeks and sometimes longer.

There is no known permanent side-effect of Muscle Relaxing Toxins therapy for wrinkles. There are, however, several well known side effects that are temporary.

These side effects include BRUSING, HEADACHE, ASYMMETRY, MUSCLE TWITCHING, NUMBNESS, and PTOSIS (drooping) of the eyelid, ALLERGIES to Muscle Relaxing Toxin.

If you experience any slight bruising, try some Arnica tablets or cream from the chemist or vitamin supplier.

Also, for reasons not fully understood, some patients may be less sensitive or resistant to the effects of Muscle Relaxing Toxins. In these patients, Muscle Relaxing Toxins will not work as well or for as long as would ordinarily be expected.

For the first 4 hours

  • Do not lie down or drink alcohol
  • Do not touch the treatment area
  • Do not take Aspirin or Ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatories as this may increase bruising. It is fine to take Panadol or similar medications if the area is tender. Avoid taking Vitamin E.
  • Do use the muscles that have been injected to encourage them to take up the Muscle Relaxing Toxin. Exercise your facial muscles by performing normal facial gestures such as frowning, raising your eyebrows and squinting.
  • Avoid wearing makeup. It is fine to use mineral makeup.

For the first 24 hours

  • Do not have any facial treatments
  • Do not massage or rub the treatment area
  • Do not participate in any strenuous exercise or use a sauna

For up to 1 week after treatment

  • Do not have micro dermabrasion
  • Electrolysis or laser treatments

An average response is 3-6 months of diminished muscle contraction. Individual responses may be longer or shorter. If you maintain treatment appointments with the recommended frequency, the duration of each treatment result may last longer.


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